Is foul language a criminal offense?

“Mr. Rodgers, are you insinuating that you believe it should be a criminal offense to use foul language in public? Or to say something that others find offensive? If so, you’d better hope the warrants aren’t issued based on the number of people who wish YOU would focus more on the 5th amendment!”

Congress passes laws, then urges people to defy them

“OK, so Pelosi told illegals not to open the door if ICE knocks. Uh huh. Why is Congress passing laws that the Speaker of the House tells violators not to follow? What, then, is the purpose of those laws, will someone please tell me why laws were passed at all when the Speaker publicly encourages open defiance of those laws?”

Moultrie still so segregated

“It’s amazing how segregated this town still is. I hope the PCOM people can change our landscape and bring us into the present instead of the past. Take down the racist statues, allow blacks to sit in the home side of the football stadium and integrate your churches.”

Social media photos should bring shame

“You parents should be ashamed for allowing your daughters to post pictures of themselves half naked!!! Do they not think these will be seen later in life AND that many undesirables are looking at their pictures too!”

Cruelty in America

“America is dehumanizing children and caging people. The monstrous nature that is happening to migrants due to politics should make every American upset. Will America allow one bad leader destroy our moral values? Which Republican or Democratic leader will stand up for human rights? Talk is good but action is better.We need a hero in America.”

House votes to let foreigners take American jobs

“Saw where US House of Representatives voted to allow some 600,000 foreigners to come to America to take American jobs. It looks like most Republicans and Democrats alike don’t get why we elected Trump in the beginning. That includes our US Rep. Austin Scott. Presumably, Pelosi, with Rep. Austin Scott, will continue to sell out America to the highest bidder.”

Illegal to ask Americans if they’re citizens

“It’s now illegal to ask people if they’re American citizens? Democrats are chipping away at illegals being illegal. The day’s coming when Democrats get open borders, welfare for the world, guaranteed minimum income for life, free healthcare for the world, and much more free stuff for the world; compliments of US taxpayers. The only requirement: the right must remain silent.”

PSC should investigate school leaders

“I think the superintendent and his administrators violated the same code of conduct. Where is their PSC investigation?”

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