Golf carts

“So Tifton is trying the concept of allowing golf carts on city streets. Maybe Moultrie should try that."


“Instead of requiring school staff to take three days off UNPAID, how about requiring parents to supply their own kids' school supplies? Imagine the money that could be saved.

"I've figured it up, and for less than about $8 students can have pretty much have all the supplies they need that the schools normally supply. Other school systems do not supply school supplies, why does ours? For those in desperate need, we could have a school supply drive like they do in Albany."


“I am so aggravated with going to stores and there being a minimum on debit card purchases. If you will look on the VISA website it states that it is illegal to do this. A co-worker was turned away at a local store because of six cents ...That is ridiculous. If you don't want the VISA charge for these low dollar purchases, you need to not accept debit cards at all."


“I'm all for socialism. It's ten times better than capitalism on all fronts. The great minds of the 20th century were socialists. The only reason to support capitalism is if you also happen to support abusive practices by faceless corporations."


“Lock your stuff up and sit outside with your shotgun. I know that we’re told our crime rate is not increasing. It doesn’t really have to. It’s already on the mountain top."

Dog issue

“Everyone has a bad taste for pit bulldogs because how they are put out to be. With any dog you have to raise them right. Dogs act how they are treated!"

Good job

“Thanks to our school superintendent, Mr. McCoy and the school board our school system is much better off than many others in Georgia. Check around, many teachers lost jobs across the state due to budget issues within their system.

"Because of efficient budgeting, Mr. McCoy did not have to do that. We should appreciate the dedication and hard work by Mr. McCoy and the Colquitt County School Board."


“OK fellow ‘Boomers,’ if you haven't heard of this proposed Health Care Reform Bill currently in Congress you better be finding out. This thing is dangerous. Did you know that instead of helping you live to a ripe old age it wants you to die sooner and even counsels you on ways to make it happen?"

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