New trial for Peacock is ludicrous

“It is totally ludicrous for a new trial to be held for Peacock. He has changed his story so many times.  Now they want to change it again?  

“The charges were clearly explained, the facts were clearly stated.  

“No, he does not deserve a new trial. With all the evidence provided, they got the verdict right.”

Backtracking for Kamala Harris

“After the Democrat debates, Kamala Harris’ handlers were backtracking, rewording and clarifying her Democrat Debate comments to ensure the candidate appears to toe the party line. More supposed Democrat ‘transparency.’

“She showed no interest in taking care of LA’s 40,000 homeless Americans but wants to help the rest of the world come to America illegally.

“She seems quite angry. Why?”

Dreamers are illegal immigrants, and that’s criminal

“So, Dreamers say they’re not criminals? They’re illegal immigrants. What part of ‘illegal’ immigrants isn’t crystal clear?

“And what have they given back to America since Americans protected, fed and housed them, or are they just takers? Who paid for their education? Welfare? Foodstamps? Neighborhood infrastructure? Police? All conveniently ignored by the article.

“Will your country openly accept our criminals?”

Wonderful show from Lakeside Assembly of God

“Thanks Lakeside AOG for a wonderful and incredible fireworks show on June 30.

“Also thanks to Jeremy and all the others who provided games and entertainment during the day.”

Party over country

“We are allowing so many of the values we respect as a republic to be deleted in our country.

“The check and balance system is no longer working. Our respect and leadership around the world is slipping away. Our elected leaders fail to stand up for righteousness.

“Autocratic leadership is where we are headed.”

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