Shortages were planned

“The ‘shortages’ that we're experiencing are engineered and carefully planned, be it food, lumber, gas, microchips, electricity, etc. Along with the extra unemployment and ‘stimulus’ benefits, encouraging people to not work, communism is being implemented upon this nation through monthly checks for everybody. Lumber shortage? Ride past a lumber sawmill, there's no lumber shortage.”

Biofuels aren’t that great

“The irony of ‘biofuels’ is that they're carbon-emitting and, in the vast majority of real-world cases, absolutely no better than fossil fuels. And some of the most popular are much, much worse. Forests of CO2-consuming, habitat-providing trees are cut down in North America and shipped to Europe so they can run power plants on ‘biofuels.’ ‘Biofuels’ don't help the environment.”

Oregon law locks up guns

“Saw where Oregon lawmakers decided that firearms should be kept locked up, preventing quick access should law abiding citizens need to defend themselves or their families. The law makes honest citizens vulnerable and legislatively lessens gun benefits to honest citizens, giving criminals the advantage in home invasions. Presumably, citizens violating this law can now be criminally charged with self defense.”

Bible study ban violates First Amendment

“Saw where SCOTUS, 5-4, granted an emergency injunction finding that California Gov. Newsom’s restrictions on home Bible study/worship violate the First Amendment. This 5-4 decision should have been 9-0. We know who's against Christians practicing religion. Joe's commission will now rework the Supreme Court, ensuring this never happens again. Express your religious preference by voting ... or lose it completely.”

CDC passing laws

“What gives CDC the legal authority to pass laws, suddenly and without input or debate? And which podunk federal department, without legislative authority of any kind, will begin passing ‘edicts’ and ‘moratoria’ to be enforced as law? Landlords just go hungry while CDC decides what those landlords can and cannot do? I don't think so.”

Covid in church

“In reference to the church with Covid. My point would be not to sound unsympathetic or to shame the anti-vax crowd, but simply to say that actions or in this case inaction have dire consequences.

“It creates an us against them political culture that turns brother against brother.”

Cyber attacks

“I’ve been noticing cyber attacks, lately, and they're all happening to the same industries that Biden and his Democrat crime family want shut down ... like energy/gas pipelines, beef industry, etc. Hmmm.... Cyber attacks shouldn't shut down pipelines with manual safety overrides. And how hard is it to slaughter cows without computers? Something shady going on…”

Sergeant receives Silver Star

“Saw where Staff Sergeant Timothy Williams was awarded the Silver Star for combat heroism. It's men like Sergeant Williams who Make America Great. It's not athletes, actors, singers, politicians, TV personalities or social media loudmouths whining about how oppressed they are. We need men like him leading our military.”

Reasons not to get the shot

“The rant: why don't I get the Covid shot? Perhaps you've missed the news this year, I'll enlighten you - thousands died from the ‘vaccine.’ I'm at highest risk for latex anaphylaxis, my doctors recommend against it. Unvaccinated Covid survival rate: 99.7% (CDC). Vaccine isn't FDA approved. 50% of NIH, CDC, FDA employees refused it for good reason. Got it?”

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