Children driving golf carts

“The children that are driving golf carts, buggies etc. need to be taught to drive. But, I dare say some don’t have maturity to drive. The Smithwick Bridge Road is not safe for your children to drive on alone without adult. Farm workers, heavy farm equipment are on road. They can’t see you with dust kicking up.”

Trump believes in Darwinism

“People say that the President doesn’t believe in science: He believes in Darwinism, of survival of the fittest. Those who survive will be the fittest and those who die the weakest. His actions show his beliefs in this concept. He cares about you, not. Keep not wearing a mask, put Darwin to the test. Wash hands and social distancing.”

Media’s narrative is false

“’Truth and justice...don’t seem to be anymore.’ Truth and justice still exist, but not in your media. The media's narrative is what you're adhering to. Using someone else's narrative only helps them, it does not get you ahead in life. Find your own narrative, go your own way, unless you only want to elevate others and their cause.”

Opinion and fact

“The amount of ignorance in Colquitt County is astounding. It has become apparent that adults don’t understand the difference between opinion and fact. An opinion is something that you believe to be true; fact is when you can back that belief up with data. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it untrue and vice versa.”


“Well, NASCAR, you sure did over react at that one. How embarrassing! Really folks? Has it gotten that bad? A rope tied in a knot in a garage door to make it easier to grab for pulling up and down. I guess the mob will demand the person that tied the knot (years ago) be fired for being racist! OMG!”

Kneel and pray

“I don't have to tell you our Nation is in a mess. Why do we kneel on one knee when we should be on two knees and praying? Tearing down monuments is destroying all history. It happened. It is over. All lives matter. Holocaust victims did not have enough family left to protest. Read history! Then pray forgiveness.”

Stolen history

“White people keep talking about someone trying to take their history away. In reality that is what America did to African Americans. You took us from our homeland. Destroyed our culture, enslaved us,. We don’t even have our last name, result of who owned you. We ask that you include us in history. Acknowledge slavery and your history. Quit whining.”

Trump’s achievements

“Went to the White House website and saw the pages and pages of stuff Trump is doing weekly to help rebuild America. Every week, pages and pages more of new stuff Trump is doing. Lots of people think he's laying low throughout the protests, keeping quiet ... guess again! He's using this time very wisely to rebuild America.”

See only one side

“Many who keep harping on white supremacy can only see one side. I was raised on personal responsibility, the Bible and family, though not necessarily in that order. Many claim that's white supremacy. No, that's common sense and doesn't involve race. I could breathe when I was young, didn't need riots and protests to get ahead. Read your Bible.”

Atlanta cops on their own

“Nobody has cop's backs in Atlanta. Nobody. The prosecutor hates police, the mayor hates police, the courts hate police ... Why work under those conditions? Why support those who hate you? Democrats simply treat nobody fair, it's not in their being to treat anyone fair as evidenced by nationwide lawlessness and the simultaneous anti-police actions of government leaders.”


“If Black Lives Matter so much, why are so many black babies aborted annually? Don't those blacks matter? They do to me ... but to other blacks, not so much? That's why ‘I can’t breathe.’ The flagrant hypocrisy of ‘BLM’ while aborting black babies makes no sense. Please Democrats, explain why this is so. Please, please explain that. I'm waiting…”

Make up your mind

“Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard said 2 weeks ago tasers are considered a deadly weapon under Georgia law. 2 weeks later, when Rayshard Brooks was killed in an officer involved shooting after Brooks pointed, and fired, a taser at an officer, Howard says tasers aren't considered deadly weapons under Georgia law. Why do any police officers work for Atlanta?”

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