Mueller’s afraid of Republican questions

“Mueller isn’t afraid of his own Congressional testimony because of Democrats’ questions, he’s scared sick of Republicans’ questions: why did this investigation go on for 2+ years with no criminal evidence; and Mueller knew shortly after the investigation started there was no crime. Mueller won’t be able to answer Republicans’ questions. Mueller has no truthful answers and he knows it.”

The investigators are afraid

“Are Trump’s investigators upset about being investigated? Do they have something to hide? Are they afraid of testifying to Congress? Are they worried about being exposed about taking the law into their own hands and prosecuting a coup against Trump? Let the world see the basis for the FISA warrants. Democrats: let’s see that transparency you’ve been wanting all along.”

What are the impeachment grounds?

“Democrats keep yelling about Trump impeachment. Charges like ‘unfit for office,’ emoluments, littering ... Do those impeachment grounds mesh with ‘innocent until proven guilty?’ Doesn’t the Constitution mention ‘conviction of’; when did that happen? Maybe they wanted Mueller to do that like Comey exonerated Hillary before he met with her; you expected Mueller to try and convict Trump without trial, right?”

Looks like Trump is winning

“The left says Trump is imploding. Kavanaugh was confirmed, Blasey Ford looked stupid. Trump’s taxes being investigated but nothing illegal will be found; abortion’s been banned in two states, Trump’s wall is being built, illegals are being shipped to sanctuary states, the economy’s booming, and the left say’s Trump is imploding? Sounds more like WIN, WIN, WIN to me.”

Concerns over Cool Springs Road

“Am I the only one concerned about the two small creeks on Cool Springs Road that have been turned to swamps over the years? There are very large pine trees in danger of falling in the road. Seems like the large farming operations could do a better job controlling erosion!”

What GEAR students deserve

How many more years did students at GEAR get to attend with no playground equipment? These kids are only 3rd-5th grade and deserve some recreational time just like every other child in our county. What can we do?

As long as you are the name caller

“‘Civility and decency in any sort of political discussion is about gone now...’ That’s your opinion. And any other time you would be screaming about your right to free speech, and that name calling is okay provided you are the name caller. But when others exercise that right and you disagree with them, suddenly it is wrong? Seriously?

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