“To whoever keeps bringing up that we are a ‘republic’ and not a ‘democracy:’ The Soviet Union also was a republic. So is China and Vietnam. So by saying we are are a republic is like saying that a mule and wagon is a mode of transportation. It is not, however, a car or truck.

"We are a ‘democratic republic’ by pure definition and a democracy by generic reference commonly accepted by most of us who apply the concept of choosing our leaders. By the way, China, Russia and Vietnam are not ‘democratic republics.’ Just because you’ve had a night class or two doesn’t make you a professor of political ideology."

Whose idea?

“Hey who's bright idea was it to put a 4- way stop at the Adel Highway and the Cool Springs Road where the caution light is? Well that was a mistake, people don't know how to take turns going. They don't even know the rules. Some of these people need to go back and read their driving manual. There is going to be a wreck there sooner or later. I think they should have left it alone."

Couch issue

“So those individuals living in northwest and southeast Moultrie are considered dogs by others in our community, shame on you. I live in southwest Moultrie and there are those of us that have to endure that smelly treatment plant on the West Boulevard.

"I had rather have my friends and neighbors enjoying some outdoor fellowship sitting on a couch from their front porch, than smell human waste daily. Those elected to represent us should think long and hard before kicking those that elected them in the backside. Watching people enjoy the outdoors from an old couch on their front porch vs. smelling human waste from your front porch? I say keep the couches on the porches and pitch a tent under the pines in front of the treatment plant, then require everyone on the City Council to spend two nights a month camping out until the end of their terms."

Birth of monster

“When Reagan became president, 4 percent of gross domestic product came from the financial sector. By 2006, 8 percent of GDP came from the financial sector and it was reaping a whopping 41 percent of all reported profits. All of this high finance proved to be destructive, and it created a vicious circle in the political economy. As the financial sector got increasingly bloated, its political clout grew proportionally. Deregulation bloated finance, which bred more deregulation, which bred this monster that ate the world economy."

Everyone stops

“At a 4-way stop, the lights on all side will be flashing red. Or else there will be four stop signs. Therefore, the rule is for you to stop and look, not slow down and look. Therefore, the dangers should be less."

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