Dog noise

“The barking and howling of the dogs in town has got to stop. I t is beyond out of control. Everyday, all day long. If I were chained to a tree day and night, I would howl too. Please have some consideration for your dog and for us that choose not to own them."

Whose friends?

“So are the ‘Friends of the Park’, friends of the park, or friends for Chet. Come on, you are the very group that should be supporting the park, not a person. You sound like children who complain and ‘take their toys and go home.’  Did you work to earn funds for the park or for your self gratification."

In Canada

“Did you hear about the bank failures in Canada last year? There weren’t any because they don’t allow subprime loans. Canadians don’t allow liberal government mandated reckless mortgage lending. Canadians kept their version of our Glass-Steagall Act. American democrats, get a clue, you own this mortgage crisis."

Cash cow

“It seems everyone wants to attack tobacco and warn of its danger to our health. If it is so bad why don't the Government outlaw it like other drugs. You and I know the answer, its a cash cow for government and they will tax it to death but never outlaw it."

Reed Bingham

“The Observer conveniently and quietly killed the story about hazardous waste being dumped at Reed Bingham State Park to protect Chet Powell as soon as he was off the park."


“I would just like to say it makes me proud to see the success of Moultrie's soccer teams. My daughter plays at the YMCA and it gives me something to look forward to in her future. I hope soccer continues to grow as a sport in our community. Good job, coaches and players!"

Don't stop there

“Your editorial on cigarettes and a tax increase is valid, but why stop with cigarettes...why not add an equal tax on beer, wine and liquor?  They are just as damaging to our health and tax our medical(both body and mind) facilities as well."

Their choices

“Unfortunately I don't think it will matter how much you raise the tax on cigarettes, the smokers are still going to buy them. They will just gripe and moan about how it's unfair and it really isn't a health risk and they pay taxes so why shouldn't the government pay for their unhealthy choices."

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