Can't trust her

“There was a time when I thought Hillary Clinton would be a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination and probably would defeat the Republican contender. Now I’m not sure. Her circumvention of the email process of government leaders implies anything but transparency. And the ultimate question becomes, if you can’t trust her on this, then what else can you not trust her about."

A sore spot

“The football championship rings are a sore spot to a lot of people. Why did coaches wives and girlfriends receive a ring? Why didn't Chris Dixon receive a ring, he was on that team, he was at every practice and every game. Even when sick, he was still a Packer. Why did some get a big ring and others didn't."


“Just a word of appreciation to all of our law enforcement, utility and emergency medical personnel. You keep us safe. Thanks for being there."

Time to fight back

“Vindication: If our local convenience store owners would keep a loaded sawed off shotgun under the counter or in a rack close by and blow away these wanna be thugs in the store in the act. Guess what this particular crime would decrease dramatically. It's time we do something to get their attention. Very concerned armed citizen."

They should quit

“I would like to see the whole police department in Ferguson, Mo. raise their hands and walk away and say, ‘We are done! You all police yourselves.’"

Sad commentary

“I was watching a couple of shows on television where a group of village idiots were out in the mountains gathering ginseng. Now they were trespassing with a camera crew in tow. Also, they were shooting at each other. Then their cousins came on later, making moonshine. Again with a camera crew in tow and shooting at one another like it was a remake of the Hatfields and McCoys.

"So how many viewers watch this crap and think it’s real? Apparently a lot. What a sad commentary on our human condition! These programs establish the reason for calling it a ‘tooth’ brush and not a ‘teeth’ brush."

Soul searching

“Hopefully the issue of the University of Oklahoma and that fraternity that should have been wearing hoods over their heads will cause a great deal of soul searching on our campuses. This is a great opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes and to not perpetuate their ignorance."

Black Panthers

“Mr. Walden I have never seen a black panther either. But I’ve had friends I trust who said they have seen them."


“Mr. Walden, I spent some time in Alaska. What you said about the mosquitoes is right on target. They have swarms like we’ve never seen down here."

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