Why so long?

“Why is it taking the city over a month to fix the leak at the corner of 1st Street NE and 5th Ave NE. It was called in the last week of January. Those two orange cones they put up didn't help."


“I read with intrigue and pride the commendable efforts of the USMC JROTC Rifle Team. All students and coaches deserve the utmost congratulations. When was the last time a team, not an individual, but a team competed at the National Level representing CCHS? As a JROTC alum, I am extremely proud of these accomplishments. Congratulations and Good Luck!"


“Obama wants to spend $900 million tax dollars to improve the graduation rate but ABAC is in danger of closing or severe cutbacks. How is that possible? Does the president have any idea of the mess he is creating by spend, spend, spend while people are being laid off or fired from their jobs?"

Stirring the pot

“Alright everyone gets it, Chet Powell is right,and can do no wrong and the DNR should be fired. The newspaper is obviously the forum to solve your problems. Not a lawyer just give him his job back because you people say so. One thing is for sure. his family wears a name that is proud, according to his daughter and pride cometh before the fall.

"People are sick and tired of hearing that you think the DNR reads this paper? You are stirring the pot."


“Congratulations to the students for winning the science awards. It's good to see something positive in the paper involving our youth."


“To those who complain about government spending, you’ve got a point. However, I would like to see a list of things you can do without that are linked to government. I know welfare will be first on the list, so let’s don’t forget farm subsidies. Can you wait for your road to be paved. What if instead of ambulance service, you pack’em up in the pickup and bring them to the hospital."

Clean the trash

“Welcome signs to greet our out of town visitors will be nice, but an even nicer welcome would be to have all the trash and litter lining our roads, streets and ditches cleared. It is a shame to see all the trash in our ditches as we travel around Moultrie. The signs will be beautiful but let's get our streets and roads clean. Citizens take pride in the town."

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