Drug connection

“To the person whose lawnmower was stolen. You are likely on target when you say it would be sold to purchase illegal drugs. A member of my family has a drug problem so severe that he steals from his own parents as well as neighbors. If it’s not locked down, he can turn into crack cocaine in a heartbeat. It would be interesting to know just how many of the thefts here are tied to the drug trade."

In response

“Well I don’t know what is going onto that property the county is trying to sell but in reference to your recent rant, I hardly think a dollar store would go that route with that much property. I would certainly like to see a major food chain come in there to give us more choices."

Land sale

“Let me get this straight now, if the land deal doesn’t go through, then the developer gets his binder back. Oh well, I guess that’s the reason I’m not in government or real estate."

Beaten up

“My lordy! I thought we could get by a little while without rants about football. That horse has been beaten to death. The popularity of the sport, sports versus academics, cheerleaders and band need more attention, coaches are overpaid and abusive to players and now the championship rings issue gets beaten about the head and shoulders. Could you get on soccer for a while and give us a break."

What I recall

“Mr. Walden, in reference to your column that mentioned black panthers (or the lack thereof): I recall as a child the grownups talking about hearing ‘black panthers’ that screamed in the night. They said it sounded like a woman screaming. Then I got to thinking, how could they tell by the screaming that it was a ‘black” panther as opposed to a tawny one? Heck, maybe it was a woman screaming."

Don't argue

“Don’t argue with people who have ‘seen’ a black panther. You won’t convince them otherwise. And if they’ve had a few drinks, don’t argue with them if they’ve also seen a unicorn. They might get violent."

I like it

“I like the fact that I live in a country where people can have heated opinions about panthers, football and potholes and not go to jail when they express themselves about these issues."

10 days off

“Why do some people assume that when a nation’s leader isn’t seen in public for 10 days, that he’s possibly dead? There are times when I wish more ‘leaders’ would take 10 days out of the spotlight. Maybe we would have less damage."

Cheap shot

“I think that was a cheap shot to say that many of the championship rings will be in pawn shops by the end of the summer. That sounds like stereotyping or maybe outright bigotry. Try using encouragement. It helps!"

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