Bet you kept Biden’s check

“To the people who are complaining about Biden being in office and doing such a terrible job. I bet you didn’t send the stimulus check back just like the people who didn’t support or dislike Trump didn’t send the check back. 

“When the next stimulus check comes out send the money back since you don’t like Biden.”

Biden’s first 100 days

“Just over 100 days in office and everywhere there’s a crisis. Middle East, southern border, pipelines, gas shortages, increases in gas prices/groceries. People paid to stay home now don’t want to work at all; destroying small businesses; race division - races turning on each other; children being indoctrinated by school teachers. 

“This is just over 100 days in.”

Who’s trusting science now?

“Leftists talk about ‘trust the science’ and now their god, the CDC, is saying masks aren’t necessary. 

“And they keep talking about coronavirus variants, but none of them have been a problem for the US. 

“Then they totally ignore Texas and Florida, which never had surges after dropping mask mandates. 

“Do these people believe in science, or not?”

Recurring stimulus checks equals welfare state

“Recurring stimulus checks have created a welfare state for former working Americans. We’re seeing exactly why this scamdemic came about. And nobody in government talks about anyone ‘opting out’ of stimulus checks; not everyone wants stimulus checks. 

“We’re transitioning to Universal Basic Income. Most people will now stop working. 

“Keeping Americans government dependent allows Democrats to control Americans.”

Election integrity

“State by state, legislatures are demanding election integrity. Any Democrat opposing such bills verify their intent to continue their election fraud. Since Democrats will vote against election integrity, we know exactly what that means for all Democrats. Democrats cannot believe it and are furious. 

“How dare anyone demand that Democrats stop cheating.”

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