Democrats are the ones ‘enriching their friends’

“Republicans do have business harping about Democrats doing what they can to ‘enrich their friends’ because Trump isn’t benefiting from Pelosi’s $3 trillion spending bill for America but her friends are helping themselves to billions of dollars. 

“And Pelosi and friends are doing so during this pandemic and are taking full advantage of this national crisis and family misery.”

Trump has medicine he wants to sell

“Please do not believe the President about taking medicine. 

“He bought that huge supply of pills and need to pawn them off on somebody. All about that mighty dollar. 

“News people do not need to spread this because some of you will do anything for this man. He has that charisma that you all can’t seem to get enough!”

Work on realistic legislation

“Why can’t Democrats work on realistic legislation that Republicans could support instead of purposefully submitting bills that Democrats know for sure Republicans will not support? 

“What benefit does such openly hostile behavior by Democrats provide for working Americans? Why can’t Democrats attempt bipartisanship just once in a while? 

“What’s so hard about Democrats acting like adults, for once?”

Coronavirus goals keep changing

“Democrats said, ‘We must flatten the curve’ before reopening the economy; we did that. 

“Then they said we need more testing; we got that. 

“Then they said we need more antibody testing before reopening; we got that. 

“Then they said we need a vaccine before reopening the economy, which may never happen. 

“Democrats won’t use one goal. Their goal changes daily.”


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