Find a cure

“If scientists can create and alter viruses at will, why can’t they find a cure for them?”

Traffic light

“When will the traffic light be installed at the Vereen Center and the bypass? It was in the newspaper a couple of months ago but it hasn’t been started on yet. Someone is going to get seriously injured at that intersection.”

Keeping good police

“Why can't Moultrie keep good cops? When cops can get 40% pay raises by leaving, guess what they do? 

“How hard is that? When cities want good cops to stay, same as other professions, those cities must pay more! 

“What a novel idea, huh? If employers pay more, they get more ... Pay less, you get less! Whoda thunk it?”

White House surprised

“Saw where the White House admitted on Friday they were surprised by the rise in consumer prices in March, the largest jump since 2008. The socialists inhabiting the White House don't understand fundamental economics and cannot relate to those of us who have to feed our families. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The world's full of surprises for Democrats!”

Election integrity

“State by state, legislatures are demanding election integrity. Democrats cannot believe it and are furious. Any Democrat opposing such bills verify their intent to continue their election fraud. Since Democrats will vote against election integrity, we know exactly what that means for all Democrats. How dare anyone demand that Democrats stop cheating.”

Stimulus check

“Insofar as the stimulus check and the Rant that read, ‘When the next stimulus check comes out sent the money back since you don't like Biden.’ No, I won't send it back, I'll use the money to help my children survive the coming apocalypse that your dearest Biden and his Democrat crime family created. The interest won't go to China.”

Gun laws

“So, the latest gun laws limit the rights of law abiding citizens living in counties with no recent murders, yet are passed based on overall statistics including large crime numbers from bigger cities. Few communities have gun problems, providing an argument against extreme gun laws, especially since most guns used in crime epidemics aren't legally owned by shooters anyway.”

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