Losing a great physician

“I have heard that Dr. James Waller is leaving in May and I am heartbroken. Dr. Waller, you’re an amazing and gifted doctor. You were right there for me and I will be forever grateful. We are truly blessed because of you.

“You will be truly missed and CRMC or Moultrie will not be the same without you. God Bless.”

Congratulations to retiring coach

“Congratulations, Coach Tony Kirkland, on your retirement. Thanks for all you did for CCHS Baseball. So, now we need a new coach. What about Ed Creech?”

It’s not the tax returns — it’s the lies

“Donald Trump – I think a lot of Americans are missing the point. It is not just about Donald Trump’s tax returns or how rich he is. It’s about all the lies and deceit. Trump even lied about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400.”

Morality and integrity matter

“Indeed Propst was a winning coach, but if he is not a moral person he is not good for the kids under him. If Campbell is a moral person and holds integrity and is a winning coach Propst will be forgot like yesterday’s news.”

Biden brings socialist ideas

“Leftist media says, ‘Joe Biden...would presumably pursue the same (relatively) business-friendly and free-trade policies as Obama and Clinton before him.’ FAKE NEWS!! Joe will do anything BUT these policies. Remember, like Barack, Joe is out to fundamentally transform America. And, like Barack, not in a good way. Leftist media is already sharply distorting ‘Ordinary Joe’s’ socialist ideas.”

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