Bad comments

“Obama's comments at a recent political/media black tie dinner were wrong.

"He joked by saying Dick Cheney could not be here because he was working on a book called ’How To Shoot Friends and Interrogate People’.

"He went on to say that in the next 100 days that he could complete all his tasks in 72 days and on the 73rd day rest. This is a comment mocking God and Christianity."


“Who will enforce the new ordinance that all outside furniture be for outside, no in-door furniture can be used outside? Who will tell the people that put their old couches on the porch, they can't anymore? The City of Moultrie has better things to spend their time and energy on, than outdoor furniture. Please start attending your local city, county and board of education meetings. Please attend."


“I noticed in the news that there would not be a cost of living raise this year for the people on SSI income. We had money to bail out banks, cars, and farmers but they can’t take care of old people who worked and paid their taxes over the years."


“Thanks to law enforcement for stepping up and offering us safety classes and gun handling classes. This comes at a time when our homes and our streets are in danger of being taken over by thugs."


“Bristol Palin putting in her 2-cents worth for abstinence is a bit like the Prodigal Son delivering a sermon on the virtues of frugality and prudence. Tripping over the rules of conventional wisdom isn’t uncommon in the young. Earning heavy 6-figures for it is also uncommon. Just saying no is a powerful message. In Palin’s case, it demonstrates how expensive cheap talk can be."


“I just want to applaud The Moultrie Observer’s sports coverage relative to our young athletes in Moultrie and Colquitt County. Great job guys!"

In response

“We don’t have to sign our names to the rants and raves because many of us would be fired from our jobs. Such persecution has happened on many occasions. Thanks for the opportunity to vent or praise without that fear. Those who oppose it would like to control thought and expression."

Road project

“The road project on 5th Avenue isn't supposed to start until 18 months from now.... Why close it now, why not wait til it gets closer?"

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