Constitution will survive Trump

“The U.S. Constitution survived Obama, it will do just fine under Trump. Despite Obama’s best efforts to destroy America, with his ‘phone and pen,’ the U.S. Constitution survived. Melodramatics aside, America will do just fine without Trump’s tax returns being released. Nobody has to publicly show their tax returns anyway, so why the fussing? Show us your tax return.”

Veterinarians’ fees contribute to the problem

“Concerning the overpopulation of cats and dogs. Maybe if the vets charged a reasonable fee to spay and neuter, the problem would ease a bit.”

An honest man for president

“I want a good man in the White House. A man that is honest with the people (not 2 years and 10,000 untruths). A man that is for all Americans. A man that will not fill his pockets with tax payers’ money. A man that will stand against mass shooting in the US. A good Republican leader.”

How did you not mention immigrant gangs?

“A very lengthy article appears today about gangs in Moultrie with nary, that’s not one, mention of the gang members from Mexico and South America crossing the Southern border. President Trump talks of it all the time. How is it possible to write this type article without including that? We all know, don’t we now?”

We have a choice

“The pledge allegiance states we are one nation under God. Those are not my words. The people of this nation wrote it. I am so glad we have a choice and I choose to love and not hate. With loving kindness have I drawn thee. God is life. So glad man can’t tell me how or what to feel.”

Puzzles should be bigger

“Shrinking the crossword, jumble, and celebrity cipher to microscopic levels is not a good way to retain your remaining subscribers.”

Praise for Propst is true, but irrelevant

“In response to Propst was flawed but he cared, I couldn’t agree more, but what does that have to do with him giving student prescription drugs that was not prescribed to them not knowing what kind of allergic reaction these kids had to any of the ingredients to the drug. It was unethical and inappropriate period.”

Does Moultrie prefer winning over integrity?

“Re the Propst issue: It seems that Moultrians prefer winning over integrity. Despicable. No wonder so many athletes think that rules are for everyone but them.”

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