Noise ordinance, traffic laws need police attention

“I would like to know why the noise ordinance and traffic laws are not being enforced. Music from cars and loud motorcycles disturb people in several areas of town.

“I’m asking that something please be done about it. Thanks.”

Trump antagonists resort to name-calling

“The rant, ‘Yes, I can believe it, because you are the worst president...’ Presumably, he is the worst just because ... no reasons, just because.

“Or maybe, just because he is Trump, whom you dislike, because he is rich and more successful than you. No real reasons needed, right?

“Maybe just a wee bit of jealousy going on?”

Biden wants another shot at breaking the economy

“The Obama/Biden team thoroughly broke the economy and now Biden wants to do that again? Joe doesn’t know how the private sector works, is a career politician and has milked a very, very good living off a government salary.

“Democrats want more ruinous economic policies so they can make further attempts to destroy America. What ain’t obvious?”

Obamas wealthy before he became president

“The Obamas were already wealthy before they entered the White House and you also got his salary wrong.”

Trump's transparency

“According to Donald Trump, he and his administration is the most transparent in this history of the US Government. He is exactly correct. All the people of the United States can see right through those lies they are telling.

“If he is so transparent, why are there so much STUFF he does not want the public to know?”

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