Abortions killed many more

“The Ranter noted, ‘Two students lost their lives ... within 10 days.’ Democrats allowed over 20,000 abortions in those 10 days, but killing precious babies is somehow OK? Wrong. 2 students died nationwide while 40-50 million students attend schools is hardly ‘prevail(ing).’ 2 lives versus 20,000 lives, ‘abortions prevail in America because DEMOCRATS fail to address the problem’: personal responsibility.”

Get rid of the gunmen, not the guns

“Hey, to the anti-gun people who’re always fussing, try fussing within your community to get rid of those committing all that gun violence you complain about. It don’t happen in my neighborhood. And in your neighborhood, you probably know who the shooters are, or at least who has guns. So why fuss in the newspapers, fuss in your own neighborhood.”

How did schools let Propst go so long?

“After reading the 126-page personnel file posted on WALB, I wonder how anyone could possibly support Propst. How can the former administrators escape culpability for doing almost nothing to curb Propst’s behavior for years? Kudos to Howell, Dixon, Tillery, and the board for their bravery in doing what McCoy, DePaul, Jones, Terrell, and Giddens would or could not. Go Pack!”

Who says shootings are rare?

“‘Mass shooting are rare nowadays’? Somehow our near daily shootings aren’t real, just a Democratic ploy to take your guns. Nothing deplorable to see here...”

Starting to see socialism’s flaws

“Saw where Joe Biden is leading Crazy Bernie in the early polls for 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls. Does that mean the younger voters are finally realizing that Bernie’s long promised ‘everything is free’ is obvious flawed, that somebody actually must pay for all of Bernie’s promised freebies (college, healthcare, etc)? Epiphany time? Socialism is obviously not free.”

Barr in contempt for obeying the law

“The unredacted portions of Mueller’s Report that Attorney General Barr won’t reveal are mostly from the grand jury, which federal law forbids the AG releasing. For Barr’s following the letter of the law, he’s ruled in contempt of Congress. IOW, if Barr will just break the law as Democrats do, they won’t hold him in contempt. Ridiculous Democrat politics.”

Spay costs help explain animal dumping

“The rant about spay and neuter costs spurred me to satisfy my curiosity. YIKES! $180 to spay a dog. No wonder there are so many dropped off at shelters or the woods.”

Civics class was wrong

“Rewrite US government classes: Most people were taught we have 3 branches of government. Each branch could check the other branch. Congress make the laws, executive branch enforce the laws, and judicial branch decide if the laws were fair. Today we only have one branch — the executive branch that exercise all 3 duties. Government classes must reflect the new rules.”

Where did Obama’s spending go?

“Pelosi and Schumer want $2 trillion in infrastructure spending. These pretend shovel-ready jobs are more handouts to moochers.

“Is this the infrastructure bill that covers what Obama’s $700+ billion didn’t? What became of that money? Haven’t heard from it in a decade. They spent that on ‘other’ stuff — amazing what you can do when nobody’s held accountable.”

Democrats fear they have nothing

“Mueller’s report is quite a lengthy, Trump hatred op-ed dissertation without substance. Coming from a panel of nothing but Trump haters, is that surprising? And Biden’s sly smile likely gives you that nauseated feeling you’re gonna lose big with him in 2020. Maybe Democrats are so unhappy because they know you have no viable Trump opposition for 2020.”

School system becomes a joke

“The state of the school system in Colquitt County has sadly become a joke. Multiple families are leaving town due to the pathetic state of the schools and school administrators refuse to do their jobs and deal with discipline. Smoking dope in the bathrooms used to be taboo. Now, it is just a typical day.

“Wake up residents!”

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