Turn signals are there for a reason

“Apparently most automobiles in Colquitt County do not have turn signals.

“For those of you who have discovered the turn signal, turning them on after you are already turning doesn’t do much good. We pretty much know by then that you are turning.

“I have driven throughout the Southeast and without a doubt drivers in this county are the worst.”

We need two graduations

“We need to have two graduation ceremonies. One for those in the stands who want attention by standing up and screaming with no consideration for others. The other one for those who come to focus on recognizing the graduates.

“No one comes to graduation to see or hear those in the stands. You are nothing but a disrespectful hindrance.”

Disrespect in the stands

“I went to watch my grandchild graduate and just as his name was called about 25 people, who had screamed and yelled through their relatives names being called to the point we couldn’t hear the following names, stood up to leave. We didn’t even see him get his diploma! They should’ve been escorted out to begin with!!”

Congress can’t address scams for investigating Trump

“I get 5-10 scammer calls daily on my cell phone. No relief. Congress doesn’t have time to address billions of illegal scammer calls because they’re too busy investigating Trump for the crimes, obstructions and coverups he didn’t commit. Why are we paying Congress hundreds of millions to investigate 1 person and do nothing to help America?”

Our democracy

“Will our form of democracy be saved? Americans our form of democracy is being torn apart. The executive branch will not obey subpoenas. The president openly uses Barr to go after people who disagree with him. $102 million has been spent on golf trips. Health insurance is being stripped apart. Will Republicans stand up for Americans?”

Yes, it’s hot — it’s summer

“The next few days will be a heat wave. No, it’s not global warming. It usually gets hot like this during the summer, so this is not too unusual. And it cools off in the winter. Again, that’s normal. And guess what? Next summer will also have higher temps, next winter cooler temps. Get it? Cyclic. This ain’t hard.”

Learn the difference

“It would do those of us who enjoy reading this column a great service if folks would Google the difference between communism and socialism before hurling accusations at either political party.”

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