4th child dies in American custody

“How can the leaders continue to allow children to die. It is time Americans stand up against Trump polices. We have a moral responsibility to help the innocent children.”

Obama shamelessly politicized tragedies

“Obama clearly supported Fast and Furious, never condemning what his AG did. Is that fact “beyond absurd”? Within hours of the Umpqua, Oregon Community College killings, Obama called a press conference, admittedly without the facts, to shamelessly politicize the tragedy. How “baseless” was that “reality”? Obama used shootings to politicize and further his failing anti-gun agenda.”

Civility gone with the wind

“Obama wanted mass shooting  so he could use those as excuses to take way people’s guns…” (From Rant and Rave from May 10, 2019.)  That rant was so beneath truth and reason that I was shocked you printed it.

“A major newspaper used to have as its motto: ‘All the news that’s fit to print.’  By that standard I do not believe the rant of May referred to above would  have made the cut. It was not fit to print.

“There is so much venom and vitriol in some of the rants that I  sometimes think it would be better to not have that section in the paper. Many of the rants defy logic and fly in the face of truth and reason.”

Little to do about loud motorcycles

“Our chief can’t really do much about loud motorcycles. Next time call 911. There’s no loud motorcycle ordinance in our city. Only thing you can try to do is get them pulled over for speeding.”

Students know what’s going on and share it on social media

“Parents: make sure you follow your children’s social media accounts so you can see the daily chaos at the high school! The principal and administrators are doing nothing to get things under control and teachers and students have to fend for themselves just to stay safe! Can’t believe how bad things have gotten in just a year.”

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