Ballot box

“We already have term limits. It’s called the ballot box. That puts the burden on us the voters. The electorate must energize and get involved. The key is accountability first, party second."

Trash can issue

“When I saw the rant about the trash cans, I tried to think how many has been replaced at my house. Aluminum brings pretty good money. Next time mine need replacing I will be keeping my old one. Thanks. We already pay high utilities bills. Never get a break from them. So everybody keep your old trash can."

Did you notice?

“Has anyone noticed that the City of Moultrie has changed the cut off of utilities to four days from the due date? That way you can be charged an additional $25.00. My bill has been $500 or more for the past 7 months. I live on a fixed income and my check always comes after the due date."


“Col. Randall Larsen in his comments about Ebola funding basically described how our government works. It is inefficient, fragmented, and has no single agency responsible (accountable).

"Inefficient irresponsible and unqualified (clueless) Obama appointees are supposedly running these agencies. Basically, they are running on autopilot until they run out of fuel and crash. Then a congressional investigation begins and someone is replaced."

The Bible

“You are correct. The Bible had to be written in a fashion that people of that time could relate to. Let’s assume that Moses did a lot of the Old Testament writing. I’m sure he had to rely on stories handed down, many of which might have been anecdotal. Even in the New Testament, Jesus used parables. In other words, he offered scenarios to illustrate how one should live and deal with his fellow man.

"Knowing the information that has been acquired since that time, I cannot read the Bible literally, there is just too much contradiction. But even then, I find a lot of good there... good food for thought and good rules to live by. And yes, I too believe the earth is much, much older than 6,000 years."

That show

“Yea I saw the show about the two senators surviving on an island. One has to keep in mind though that a camera crew and a safety net were just a few feet away. Meanwhile, we taxpayers live in conditions that quite often do not offer us that camera crew or safety valve. We have to keep on keeping on.

"They made a good point about teamwork. But that concept has long been lost on Congress, it seems. One survivor show won’t be the catalyst for change, I’m afraid."

In response

“In addition to term limits, I think our federal lawmakers should have to face the realities of life that we ordinary citizens face. The first step would be to modify their golden parachute as well as their health insurance advantages."

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