Foggy mornings

"Foggy mornings are back upon us and I can't believe how many vehicles travel here without their lights on.

"I also don't understand why our law enforcement does nothing about this as our court dockets reflect that.

"I wish we could be proactive in preventing accidents here since it's obvious our drivers don't seem to be concerned!"

Road issues

"Let's not wait on federal grants to fix our problem with the bridge on Highway 37 West. Let's spend some money out of the budget to replace that bridge and four-lane Highway 111 from its intersection of 37 around to 319 giving us a West Bypass and creating a safer way into town for the residents on the west side of the county. Let's look at what is most important - our citizens - and do this now before someone has to die because of our neglect."

In response

"You are right! Let's stop the new industry from coming to town. They are going to ruin our roads, bring jobs and tax revenues. All in favor of stopping Moultrie Growth, please join me in front of the courthouse on Saturday to voice our view."


"In listening to so many people complain and offer advice, I have noticed that many of them know very little about local government, political subdivisions and jurisdictions.

"I hear them talk about City Council on subjects relative to County Commission and vice versa. As well, I hear people talking about the sheriff's duties when the subject of their concern comes under the jurisdiction of city police and vice versa.

"And some people don't know the difference between the county jail and the Colquitt County Correctional Institution."

Where are you?

"To all the people always making suggestions about what should be done here and there: Why are you never at any of the public meetings to present your ideas and recommendations to the elected community leaders?"


"I think it is quite obvious that the slaying of those five people recently was a 'professional hit' and I don't expect we'll ever see that case solved and the guilty parties brought to justice."

No tar, feathers

"The councilman who was charged with DUI should not be tarred and feathered. Other leaders have done the same thing, they just didn't get caught or at least their case was never pursued. I'm sure he has been embarrassed enough about this.

"My guess is, many of the people leaving that event that night could not have passed a breathalyzer test. That's not meant to condone driving while intoxicated. Let the courts do their thing and let the man get back to his duties as a councilman."


"Mr. Walden, I agree that the holidays sometime cause a metamorphosis of sorts in the mass of humanity. And I think we all should stop and smell the roses as opposed to wandering around in a daze. Great observations!"

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