Need prayer

"Now that the elections are over, I would like to ask everyone to pray for the men and women who were elected.

"Also, pray that our country will come together and work for the better of our country."


"I can't describe the sadness I feel today -- almost like I have had a death in the family. The election of Bush for four more years seems to me to almost seal the end of America as we know it. With his attitude of 'I'm right, God is on my side,' he will only become more arrogant, going ahead with the most destructive course of action ever seen by this country. God is not a Republican or a Democrat, but I hope He has pity on us for our foolish choice of a leader."

Step backward

"At the risk of sounding like Bush ... Heaven help us! I really feel like we have taken a step back into history with this election. We have a leader that believes in Divine Right and acts like a king -- all the things we created this country to avoid."


"What has happened to the guideline for kids that are constant, severe discipline problems, hindering a teacher from teaching kids that want to learn? I thought the governor said we did not have to put up with this. Okapilco, why is this allowed?"

Faith prevails

"Our faith has prevailed in getting George W. Bush elected. I feel this is what God wanted or else He would have prevented it."

Gas prices

"I am incredibly frightened as to where our gasoline prices will go now, given that our president is a big oil man and has made no overtures whatsoever in developing alternate energy sources."


"You can't complain about the players or the coaches because they made the playoffs, so now you complain about the jerseys? If you went to the games, you would have noticed that two of the jerseys have all three colors."

Sore loser

"It seems that Mr. Norman is a sore loser. He wants to blame his predecessor for his road getting paved. He had the authority to stop it, but he didn't. I expect more heads will roll as the next elections come up."

Kicking, screaming

"I guess Mr. Norman couldn't bow out gracefully, having been defeated by his constituency. He had to go out kicking and screaming."

Our stand

"The South went firmly for President Bush in the election. It was clear that we will not stand for the promotion of homosexuality and abortion."

Crime issue

"I have a question: With all the property being stolen as reported in the crime stories in The Moultrie Observer, where is all of this stuff being fenced? Obviously most of these thieves are stealing to support their drug habits. I'm appalled at all this crime."

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