“I’m glad someone explained the racial make-up of the cheerleading issue. That’s just a prime example of someone taking something out of context or not researching an issue before they pronounce their condemnation."

I'm ready

“I’m prepared for when someone tries to rob me walking from a ballgame or from work. It’s going to be quite a shock for the thugs."

In response

“To the ranter who pooh-poohed the idea of the Big Bang and asked why orbits have been maintained all these years.

"Well, I doubt you would know this since seeking information that might be contrary to your bias would be counterproductive in your world, changes are taking place in our universe all the time. Stars burn out, meteors come crashing into our atmosphere along with many other heavenly events. Rather than someone explaining all of this to you, you might want to do some research yourself. However, seeking facts requires an open mind."

How it helps

“To the ranter who asked what good space projects are to mankind: Have you ever used a microwave oven? Do you watch real-time television from around the world via satellite?

"Have you ever considered robotic engineering and how it can affect our daily lives? Well I could go on but I’m pretty sure I’m already above your head."


“You talk about how hypocritical some people are when they oppose a gas line coming through Colquitt County but are in support of the Keystone project in someone else’s community. There’s an acronym for that tendency. It’s called NIMBY.

"It stands for ‘not in my back yard.’"

Go Pack!

“Let's go folks! This town should be painted black and gold inside and out! Let's show the players, students, teachers and coaches that we are proud of what they have done and what they are about to do!

"Let's do our part to show them..Go Pack!"

Out of tissue

“My sixth grader says that on Monday mornings they are out of toilet paper at Willie J. Williams.

"Lots of events are held at the school on the weekends and lots of them have to do with football, i.e. pre-game suppers, etc.

"I'd bet the Packer locker room has plenty of tissue. School administration shouldn't keep letting this happen.


Climate issue

“Based on the large number of opinions about climate change, I assume there must be a lot of PhDs out there.

"Odd that I haven't run into any of them. If they don't have a PhD, I'm pretty sure they don't have a clue what they are talking about."

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