Election should send a signal

“The election results should send a signal to Moultrie politicians. We don’t want too many regulations that stifle growth and hurt home owners. We want our police to concentrate on crime activity and loud noises and music. Next election should really clean house.”

Why is Moultrie not growing?

“I want to know, Why is Moultrie not growing? Sure we got PCOM, but nothing else. (So far) Why?

“And, Downtown Moultrie need to be restored. Some of the building are in bad shape. Just look around.”

Accuser didn’t hear Ukraine conversation

“Trump’s whistleblower accuser didn’t hear the Ukraine conversation he complained so much about. Secondhand eavesdropping, presumably is adequate to unseat a duly elected President. The whistleblower, an Obama holdover not surprisingly, met with Schiff and staff weeks before he suddenly went public; now he’s been discredited by the transcript. It’s no wonder Pelosi’s worried.”

More mass shootings don’t make the news

“Two mass shooting in California and another in Detroit. Leftists couldn’t connect these to Trump or the NRA, the left’s agenda, so they didn’t make national news nor did media even carry them. No calls by elected officials condemning the shootings and no calls to enact new gun control legislation. Media’s only agenda: Impeachment! Impeachment! Impeachment! No honesty at all.”

Withdrawal from climate accord is right move

“Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord is the right thing to do. The accord required the US to pay other countries to help them with climate change with no mechanism for monitoring their progress. And the climate accord was far too easy on the two biggest emitters of green house gases: China and India.”

Donald Trump and his lies

“Donald Trump and his lies, first his phone call was perfect. A perfect phone call! Now, that perfect phone call has changed to an appropriate phone call. I was taught very early not to lie, because when you lie, you are going to have to tell another lie to cover the first lie.”

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