"Hats off to Durwood Dominy, Jim Turner and the rest of the broadcast crew for Packer Sports! They do a marvelous job of keeping the focus on the positive things that our students and coaches accomplish. Thanks, guys, and keep up the great job!"


"I want to congratulate the people in Colquitt County for their ability to take time to vote. But to be honest with you that is not what people need to express. What people need to do is... (1)-scream at all the elected officials and make them understand that we are the people that make the money to keep them in office; (2)- We spend more money than they do on gas; (3) If we stop doing anything on Sundays other than going to church or work then there would be a gas war (I'm old enough to remember that).

"I think we need to go nation wide on staying home on Sunday's other than going to church or work and we will be able to show these elected officials that we don't care what they do -- we are the ones that make the final say-so on what we buy or what they do."

Youth center

"I hear that the Youth Center is going to be torn down to make a parking lot.

"I sure would hate to see that building torn down. Lots of Moultrians have lots of memories in that building.

"Build the parking lot somewhere else. Let the city know you don't won't the Youth Center torn down!"

A tip

"I have a tip for Moultrie residents: If you're going to decorate your house for Halloween with cobwebs and orange lights, at least answer your door for the children who are out 'trick or treating!'"


"I have a problem with people hauling their limbs and debris to the county dump. They come by here and it bounces off and blows off and we have to clean up. Please put a cover over it or tie it down."

Labor savings

"To the ranter talking about inmate labor. You need to check the record and see how much money is saved by inmate labor."

Simple fact

"There's a simple fact about our football program in Colquitt County. We don't have a viable feeder program that encourages and excites our potential athletes to play this sport. I have no idea what to do about that but blaming coaches at the high school level is not the answer. They must work with what comes into the program."

Old hospital

"So whatever happened to the effort to tear down the old Vereen Hospital?"

I agree

"I agree with the comment about those trick-or-treaters who appear to be too old for this activity. I had some come to my house who were older teen-agers. This activity should be for the little guys. Also, I noticed that some of the kids don't pay any attention to the caution that they be well illuminated. Or maybe I should blame the parents."

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