Bad timing

“I really wish that the City of Moultrie would reevaluate their garbage pickup. Every Sunday morning I am kept awake from about 12-2 am by the workers hollering and the loud trucks which also wake up all the dogs in the neighborhood. I have to get up for work and kidds to school. I thought it was do to heat."


“I don't care whether they are competition Cheerleaders and the excuse that no AA girls tried out for the team. Then the leaders should make sure that they get more AA girls on the Competition group. I am been living in Moultrie long enough to know what is going on. Only the elites get to Compete."


“I thought the 4-way stop on Adel Highway was working just fine. Do we really need a roundabout there?"

Make it bigger

“If you’re going to put a roundabout on Adel Highway at that 4-way stop, you had better make it bigger than the one at the old five-points. Lots of big trucks come through there and they will  need more room than in the first roundabout."

Climate issues

“Climate change is historical. It happens. The question at the crux of this matter is how much we humans impact atmospheric conditions. I don’t have that Phd the ranter referred to but I’m not the village idiot either. I read, study and research. Just because we have a cold spell doesn’t mean we don’t have global warming. It’s a big picture thing and I’ve seen lots of environmental changes in my lifetime."

Me too

“Yes, I’ve also prepared myself for those thugs that prey on innocent people. I will avoid the issue if possible but I’m not going to board myself in my house and live in fear."

In response

“I would like to join the commentaries about space exploration. I think if you do some research you will find that the space program brought us many tangent advantages. Satellites are an enormous advantage to mankind. Our national defense system has been greatly aided by the technology that came from our space program."

No excuse

“There is no excuse for not having toilet tissue in school bathrooms. This is not rocket science. Deal with it!"

Mental health

“Add my applause to all of those who have help support improved mental health services for our community.  I deal with such a problem on a regular basis. It’s really stresses a family emotionally and financially."

Don't care

“I simply don’t care whether the Keystone project is approved or not. I’ve got more pressing problems on a local level. I doubt Keystone will help or hurt me."

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