We miss Rush Propst

“We miss Rush Propst. Losing this early with this group of talented players was sad.”

Trump still firing people

“Donald Trump is a bully. He still thinks he is running the reality show ‘You’re Fired.’ Here are some of the individuals that has been fired or resigned under the Trump Administration: Rex Tillerson, Michael McKinley, Patrick F. Kennedy, Steve Goldstein, Mark Taplin, Nikki Haley, Jonathan Cohen, William F. Hagerty, Marie Yovanovitch, Kurt Volker, William Wehrum, Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus …”

The mighty have fallen

“Congratulations Superintendent and School Board on bringing the mighty Packer Football program down to the academic standards of CCHS! Truly sad for the players not be practicing on Thanksgiving!”

Too nice to coach a championship team

“When Jim Hughes retired we wanted a coach who was different. Wouldn’t cuss and was so nice. Enter Tim Cokely. Was an undefeated coach at a Christian school. He just couldn’t win here. Too nice. So enter Rush Propst. No one cared about his past just his winning ability. He delivered. Enter a new coach. Enough said. Too nice.”

Can we talk about school safety, academics now?

“It is unfortunate that high school football is over, but can we please start worrying about actually getting the students educated in a safe environment? CCHS is out of control and the principal has been too worried about the football team to do anything about it. Maybe now someone will step up and make that school about academics again!”

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