Europe is in a mess — and it’s our fault?

“So, Europe isn’t meeting their carbon reduction goals set by the Paris Accords but their efforts are pushing the EU into a recession, and the US is the problem? European taxpayers pay for these accords and, if they cannot pay, American taxpayers make up the difference. Seriously? This heavily one-sided, anti-American accord stops America from being great.”

When will Trump face his accuser?

“When will Trump get to face his accuser, per the US Constitution (“to be confronted with the witnesses against him;” Amendment VI)? Schiff says certainly not next week, maybe in 6 months.

“The whistleblower’s attorney apparently tweeted, in 2017, that the ‘coup has started,’ adding that ‘impeachment will follow ultimately.’ And this is somehow legal?”

Misuse of Colquitt County vehicles

“I have seen numerous investigators use their county vehicle as a personal vehicle. Going to out of town functions, vacations, fishing, grocery shopping, dropping kids off at school. If there was an accident, wouldn’t that be a liability for the county? Does the county cover all the cost of gas for these vehicles?”

What might cooperation have done?

“In response to the ranter who talked about what could have been accomplished had the Democrats spent less time on hating the president, same thing can be said about the Republicans blocking things that Obama was trying to do to help the country.

“It’s bad judgment with Republicans and Democrats.”

We could use some global warming

“Has anyone else noticed how freaking cold this winter is? And it’s not winter yet. Where exactly is this Global Warming they have been promising?

“Is the reason the elites are ramping up the rhetoric because we’re cooling? They’re are running out of time before everyone sees that the global cooling negates their fear mongering talk. The truth hurts.”

What’s trending?

“Many people watch whatever is “trending” on this or that social media network. Following trending items means you’re being a loyal foot soldier, going where media wants and reading/listening to what media expects.

“Trending has nothing to do with view counts, actual news, popularity, etc. Trending is what they choose to feed to their masses.”

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