I agree

“I agree with Mr. Walden in Sunday’s column about term limits and teamwork. They say that sometimes things have to get really bad before they turn around and get good. I just hope that we are at the turn around part. I didn’t see the show he wrote about with the two senators on the island but I think that’s a good illustration of what has gone wrong."

In response

“So the ranter says that Mr. Walden doesn’t believe in the Bible because he thinks the earth is much older than 6,000 years. Well, I have been a Bible scholar for many years and I , too, believe earth is millions and millions of years old.

"One must realize that when the Bible was written, it was believed that the earth was flat and was the center off our universe. People wrote within the context of what they knew and much of it was purely anecdotal. We now know that the earth is not flat and that the sun is at the center of or solar system."

Safety issue

“It is so funny that people will drive reckless thru a neighborhood to avoid a traffic light. We walk our pets plus there are children around. Please have some patience to wait for a green light and not put other people in harms way!"

Gas prices

“Everyone is excited about the drop in gas prices. Has anyone thought this could be due to ISIS stealing from the regular businesses and selling at a cheaper price. We are enjoying the lower prices but has anyone thought about the reverse if ISIS loses and regular companies try to make what they lost. Enjoy it while you can."


“Blame Obama for the gas prices going down? Just imagine if Obama was in favor of fracking and the Keystone Pipeline how much lower gas prices would be. And did it ever occur to you that the bad economy and people can't afford to travel and use gas might has something to do with it? Just think!"

Peanut allergy

“My six year old daughter has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts. She is also allergic to soybeans, other legumes, and tree nuts. It sure would have been nice if her teacher had asked for Halloween candy donations to be nut free so that she and other allergic children could get as much as everyone else."

I call it cute

“The two senators who were on the survival show proclaiming the need for team work was cute. And yes, it’s food for thought but let’s face it, we’ve the public have allowed Washington to become what it is.

"We blame partisan politics but yet we adhere to it as a citizenry. Intelligent minds should be able to research and seek truth. Columnist Leonard Pitts made a good point in that many people just want to validate their biases. But then again, I said ‘intelligent minds’ and I’m not sure that such quality is overwhelming. Hope someone proves me wrong."

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