“No fall or Christmas concerts for performing arts, but indoor volleyball games are ok? Doesn't seem fair to me.”

Media bias

“Been reading the Rant and Rave about Democrat controlled media and how they own violence across America. Watching the news, lefties constantly talk about right wing extremists and white supremacists. But the videos widely available online from independent news sources don't show these white supremacists. I guess Democrat media owns the bias also. Makes sense when you think about it.”

Tax returns

“Many Americans are supposed to file a tax return annually with the IRS. Trump's done that every year of his working life. He's been audited plenty of times but the IRS finds nothing wrong. There's no legal obligation for anyone to give tax return copies to others (though some do). Easy enough to understand for most people. But not Democrats.”

Gun issues

“If we defend our president, governors, mayors, council members, sporting events, banks, businesses and courts with people carrying guns, then why do we defend our school children attending class with signs that read, ‘This is a gun free zone’? And when there's an emergency at that school, we call people with guns to save those children?”

The Russia Hoax

“So, Trump has authorized the declassification of any and all documents related to the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax. Finally, we'll get to see the entire DOJ and Obama Administration at their corrupt worst. The American people deserve this yet many Americans will choose to be ignorant of the facts. Democrats will despise Trump even worse, for telling the whole truth!!!”

Debating her record

“It's not a lecture Senator Harris, It's called debating. When Mike Pence questioned your record, you got thin skin very quickly. I mean, how dare anyone question your record as a prosecutor that locked up black men at a rate 19 times that of white men. How dare you be questioned on your record.”

‘Freak of nature’?

“The opinion piece noted, ‘No, this one rests right on the shoulders of that freak of nature you helped put in office.’ Are you talking about the ‘freak of nature’ who used his 'magic wand' to create the booming economy that helped millions? Those not bowing to Democrat demands must be called a few names, meaning Democrats lost their argument.”

Biden’s record on crime

“The 1994 Crime Legislation was driven by Democrats, namely Joe Biden, who said, ‘You take back the streets by more cops, by more prisons.’ In 2020, suddenly, Joe hates police and won't even say the words ‘Law and Order’ in a worldwide televised debate. Whichever way the wind blows, eh Joe, or maybe whatever the pollsters want you to say?”

Coronavirus sham

“The Coronavirus is little more than the flu, on steroids. It’s a sham by globalists (Democrats) in alliance with China to turn the US population into sheeple, lining the naive up to get injected with Bill Gates’ vaccine. The vaccine will likely be mandatory, though mandatory is unenforceable. I'm just waiting to see the lines of sheeple.”

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