Ticket sales

“To the person who questioned the legality of the ticket sales at school. You should be ashamed of yourself. You never know when something like this could happen to a member of your family.”

See the big picture

“There is so much consternation from unhappy landlords. Perhaps we should hear more from their residents about the new rules.

“This city council has overseen the addition of a medical school, improved cooperation between city and county law enforcement, and significant improvements in reducing expenses for the city.

“So are we looking for change just to change? Before voting, think.”

Show us their faces

“Good idea to show us those wanted for local crimes. The Ranter is correct, somebody will turn them in.

“Want to reduce local crime rates, lock up those doing local crimes.

“‘Show us their faces’ is so, so true. We don’t want them doing their crime in our community. We want to help police ... so please ‘show us their  faces.’”

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