More to life

“With all due respect Mr Jones, get a life. There is more to life in Colquitt County than Packer football and that rich deep heritage you speak of only dates back to 1980 when Moultrie High School became Colquitt County High."

To Mr. Jones

“Mr. Jones: Not everything old is historical. Not everything nostalgic is heritage. Please understand the difference. They are just football helmets. Once they were made of leather."

We want police

“The last time I checked this was still a democracy. The citizens who pay taxes in Norman Park have a say about how those taxes are spent. The citizens want local police back."


“The ‘migrating survivors’ of the windmills will be the intelligent ones that have enough sense to avoid the slowly turning blades. Therefore, their progeny will also know to avoid the blades."

Learn to adapt

“Windmills are a threat to the environment? Well, the sun can cause skin cancer. We must learn to adapt."

Sooner or later

“I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Someone would find that windmills cause cancer .... excuse me, I mean kill birds."


“ Sheesh, I did not know there are such venomous sentiments as the leading rant in October 28, opinion.

"It's sad to see that some individuals want to see our president fail, probably even at the expense of the ranter's own offspring."

He's about peace

“These wars were not President Obama’s. Old dumb George and Dick got us into this mess. Stop blaming President Obama. Get over it. He is your president, you Republican. Stop already with all that hate.

"You can't get over the fact that an African American is finally in the house that my ancestors built with their blood and sweat. Finally we have a president that will bring about peace in most of the world."

The coach

“In response to Mr. Jones’ letter, I would like to say that coach Propst has done things the right way in Colquitt County. I have read numerous raves about coach Propst.

"You seem to be the one of the few persons who objects to his actions.

"You claim that this community has morals yet you are not willing to forgive someone who admitted fault in their past actions.

"Let it go and give the team and coaches all your support."

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