Good thing

"I think Perdue did the right thing to close the schools to save fuel. Teachers are there to teach, not to babysit.

"His efforts to save fuel are commendable."

Curious activity

"I would like for the police to check out why so many people are parking behind Embers Restaurant at night when the restaurant is not open.

"There's a lot of activity going on in Kingwood Gardens just behind there that needs checking into."

Two issues

"It would seem that two issues are getting confused here: One is bed and breakfast and the other is special use. One has nothing to do with the other."

China connection

"Since we are so deep in debt and borrowing money from China. You reckon China would back up our banks which currently are backed up by the government?"

Traffic stop

"The young lady who thought her family name would keep her from getting a traffic ticket has been watching too much television."

Not booked?

"How can someone get too drunk to be booked into the jail? I thought that was why they arrested them."


"I want to applaud the Christian groups that played at Withers Auditorium the other night. We need more of this going on in Moultrie."

Parking is key

"My neighbors and I are not upset with having a bed and breakfast in our neighborhood. It is the parking that goes with 100 guests that concerns us."

Wrist slapping

" People have been price gouging for two months now and no one has done a thing. What can they do? It is not worth the law's time to pursue all of the calls about gouging. Besides, a slap on the wrist isn't going to do anything."

Less desirable

" Reading the reaction of local citizens to the land use/zoning proposal reminds me of why I don't mind having to live elsewhere. Ignorance and a general desire to stay in the past will always make Colquitt County appear less desirable to business and developement.

I'm sorry, but I'm from Colquitt County and the time has come for us to make subdivisions truely residential (and enforce safe building codes) and call a farm house on a farm just what it really is and keep from mixing the two."


"I attended the County Commissioners meeting Thursday evening to express my opposition to the Land Use Ordinance, and am appalled at the conduct of elected officials. Not only do we not need these codes, we don't need elected people who act like these commissioners. "

Secret group

"I'm curious as to why this Blueprint or Blue Ribbon committee has not made itself known to the public. They should be given no more credence than any group that might form."

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