Working people can’t deal with climate change

“I’d be more concerned about climate change if I was rich enough to spend weeks sailing around on my zero-emission yacht. But, alas, I must work for a living. Sadly enough, some of us must work.

“I’d ask Greta about that, but she wouldn’t have a clue about working. She didn’t have a clue about climate change either.”

Impeachment is another hoax

“After watching the Democrats for a few days, it’s apparent this Trump impeachment is another hoax. Nothing more.

“Democrats are calling this hoax an impeachment but this ‘impeachment’ is nothing more than a means of getting leftist media to televise Democrats’ 2020 political campaign for free.

“Media carries anything with the word ‘impeachment’ as news, but it’s not news.”

Government needs to butt out

“Good to see the legal action by local landlords. Government needs to butt out, let the market set the rules.

“I am sick and tired of new government rules and regulations coming down on landlords volume after volume, and the arbitrary way they’re enforced.

“Same thing with property assessments, willy nilly non-sensical.”

Government regulations drive up rents

“Why are Moultrie rents so high? Because of massive government regulation and arbitrary enforcement. Those making these volumes of arbitrary rules don’t have to abide by them but make the poorest among us pay far more for rent than necessary because of them.

“If I had rental properties in Moultrie, I’d gladly join that lawsuit.”

President in meltdown mode

“This country is in peril. We have a president who is in meltdown mode.

“Something has to be done or this country will continue to lose its place in the world. We have become a laughing stock on the world stage.”

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