If you’re scared

“Hearing Superintendent and Principal already have a COVID excuse planned for shutting down Packer Football again for the week of the Valdosta game. Fellows, if you’re scared of Rush just say you’re scared!”

Handicapped parking

“Why is handicapped parking not enforced in Moultrie. My husband and I are both handicapped and so many times we have not been able to find parking spaces because they are taken up by vehicles with no handicap tag or placard hanging from the mirror. Other cities will give you a ticket in a minute.”

COVID in college

“A college kicked out 11 students for having a COVID party, keeping their tuition. The college thought they were hurting the kids? The school shouldn't keep the tuition and most likely the students aren’t out of pocket anything, the parents likely are. Maybe parents learned to send their children elsewhere. First year college students see through the virus, educators cannot.”

Not sustainable

“The newest, most efficient windmills will never generate as much energy as it takes to mine the metals, construct and transport everything to the site, build the foundation and erect the power lines required to transmit the electricity to the grid. They're net energy losers before they're built. And Green New Deal supporters call this ‘sustainable energy’? Seriously?”

Who to believe

“Michael Cohen: This is the same Donald Trump you lied for and went to prison. Had you told what you wrote in you book, you would not be in prison now. What are the people suppose to believe, the old Michael Cohen or the now Michael Cohen?”

Absent from DNC

“At their convention, Democrats didn't mention the current violence that's destroying American cities, didn't mention the Bible, the Ten Commandments nor specifics about how they're going to help working Americans. Democrats refuse to condemn the nationwide violence they own. And people who buy guns do not vote for Democrats to take those guns away.”

Politics in sports

“When I watch a news channel, I want the news. When I watch a business channel, I want business information. When I watch a science channel, I want science. When I watch a sports channel, I do not want politicized sports. The sports channels that politicize sports should launch a sports politics channel to see how many viewers they get.”

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