Packer fan

“I am a PACKER fan!! That makes me a coach Rogers fan. I think coach Propst fans should move to Valdosta. Why not? Scared PACKERS will win the game? Don't be scared.”


Property values

“These companies that come into town and cause valuations to jump are the first ones to leave town. Then local elected officials point at those companies, blaming them while hiding behind their desks. Anyone can plainly see that local businesses that doubled or tripled in valuation is just plain wrong. Those companies increasing valuations should face local voters.”

Prices will rise

“Poor folks with no other options than to pay higher local prices — higher because assessed business values are higher — are the ones who ultimately always lose when assessed valuations jump, as they're doing now. The assessors are hurting poor and working folks. Now, those poor folks will pay higher prices for goods when businesses pay higher taxes from higher valuations.”

Complaints well founded

“The business assessment valuations complaints are well founded. The county is ignoring several important points: business valuation increases increase the cost of doing business locally, which consumers will eventually pay for and which may force local businesses to move elsewhere; also, the company performing the reassessment for the Board of Tax Assessors seems to be absent. That is just wrong.”


“To the FSU professor who wants us to take down our Confederate monument, I say keep it. The monument is a symbol of a brave group of men who went off to war to fight for THEIR COUNTRY! You need to leave well enough alone!”

Not my fault

“The rant, ‘It also left MY generation with ... the need to take on massive amounts of debt just to get a college degree…’ You're in debt, obviously that's my fault, because you believed the college lie about fatter paychecks with degrees. I put myself through college, did without for years and am comfortably retired. And your debt is somehow my fault?”

Answer the phone

“Something is seriously wrong with our local primary care doctors who have made the decision not to have anyone answer the phones at their offices. This is pathetic that these doctors believe it is not important and stopped their employees from answering. You are doctors and took an oath. Do your job and please don't blame this on COVID.”

Never again

“My father was a Navy veteran, he was a hero, not a loser. And one of my best friends almost died from Covid-19. I voted for you once, will not do it again. Your words and actions are turning people away from the Republican Party. I have never voted Democratic before. I am this year. It cannot be any worse.”

Remote learning

“My child is going to the brick and mortar school. She is being taught as if she is a remote learner though. Technology can be good, but teachers need to be about the business of teaching. Actually teaching. She might as well stay. She would get the same amount of teacher interaction.”

Defunding police

“I’ve not heard of a single social worker applying for a single police officer job in any of the myriad cities who've voted to defund police. More social workers less cops? Maybe in the minds of Democrats but not in reality. Good luck finding social workers who are willing to put their lives in harm's way for police officer pay.”

Lock downs

“Saw where Attorney General William Barr said, Wednesday evening, ‘other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint,’ coronavirus lock downs were the ‘greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.’ I'm glad someone else in government sees the obvious. These lock downs were designed specifically to kill business and destroy the will of people.”

Senate shenanigans

“When will we hold our senators accountable? Both sold stock after a classified briefing on the Covid virus. The average Joe was not able to do that, but our two multi-million dollar senators did it! Until these two are voted out, it will keep on happening. They are privileged. Nothing in common with us ‘Average Joes.’”

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