Masks at school

“Why are parents and other people coming in from the outside required to wear masks when entering a school but all school system employees do not have to?! If you ask, rather require, me to wear a mask then school system employees should have to do the same thing. I agree with wearing masks and don't mind.”

Statue should stay

“I respect someone's right to their opinion. Mine is the statue on the square is a memorial that should remain as is. I would suspect that there are those who don't like memorials to World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War and other conflicts. But, I would hope we don't remove them because a very small group is offended.”

Electronic payments

“I will support Packers football by paying for my season tickets whether I go or not, but the folks running this program missed an opportunity, in these uncertain times, to offer a better electronic payment option. Even in good times, having to go to the school to buy my seats is so yesterday-stuck-in-the-same-ole'-box thinking. Reach and stretch to our times.”


“Edgenuity is being used because the schools need a fallback plan should they close due to Covid. The kids are familiar with it and it will make for a smooth transition if it's needed.”

Your generation

“Your generation put a man on the moon. Fantastic. It also left MY generation with gaping income inequality, the need to take on massive amounts of debt just to get a college degree, made home-ownership a near impossibility, wiped out Social Security and Medicare, and done nothing to address climate change. So, thanks?”

Why vote for Biden?

“I’m looking for reasons to vote for Joe Biden. Please don't mention Trump's name, just give me specific reasons why I should vote for Joe. What has Joe done for Americans? How has Joe supported American jobs? How has Joe supported safe and secure neighborhoods for families? How does Joe support workers' opportunity to succeed in America?”


“The rant: ‘Why would any sane human being ... even think of voting for those people?’ Let me count the reasons: safe neighborhoods for elderly, children and families, prosperous and friendly communities, thriving business environments. Questioning why law and order is important indicates serious problems. The party of law and order won't tolerate this left coast rioting garbage we see daily.”

Same slogan

“Why does Trump have the same slogan? He’s had almost 4 years in office and two of those years his party controlled both the House and the Senate. The only things he succeeded at were starting trade wars, being incompetent in dealing with the pandemic and economy. FYI he wasn’t responsible for the growth that groundwork was laid before him.”

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