Do turn signals not work?

“Have people in Moultrie disengaged their turn signals?”

Education’s bar is set too low

“Education at CCHS and in other schools started tanking when they became test data factories.

“The bar is set so low that the only way to not get a diploma is to not want one. Kids get info crammed down their throats for tests but are learning very little.

“We haven’t had real learning since the ’90s ... maybe.”

Call the sheriff, not Rant and Rave

“If you want something done about the drugs, loud music, etc. in Funston, please call the sheriff’s office at 616-7430. Call him with the location, and he’ll check it out.”

Mass shooting in Mexico doesn’t make the news

“In Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, Mexico, 9 killed, 11 injured in a August 31, 2019, mass shooting, not unlike in Midland, Texas. Didn’t hear about that? US media didn’t want you to know.

“Mexicans are disarmed and are defenseless against heavily armed criminals. That’s exactly what Democrats want here ... disarmed Americans controlled by criminals. That would also promote Democrats’ agenda: control.”

The change we really want

“Maybe the change being demanded by ‘anti-Trumpers’ is to get rid of what is undoubtedly the dumbest and most unqualified POTUS we’ve ever had.”

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