Support the Pack, no matter who the coach is

“To ALL of you who are talking about Coach Rogers, MOVE! YOU are not Packer supporters. Our kids are working hard and deserve better from our community. Go Pack!”

Failure isn’t on the part of the schools

“A ranter wanted to know about why we have failing schools and winning football. Do you really think firing the superintendent will solve the problem? We don’t have failing schools. We only have failed families, failed parenting, and disengaged students and behavior problems with no consequences and no accountability for students. If you don’t believe me, try teaching in schools!”

Freedom’s defenders are the ones most ridiculed

“You know, those who are the staunchest defenders of freedom in this country are the ones ridiculed the most. This one referred to as the ‘gunner’ is protecting the freedoms of all Americans, the right to protect their own family. And nobody defends that person. I, for one, appreciate what this person says. Thank You!”

Support a dress code for teachers

“A dress code for teachers might be a good idea. So many are so young, it’s hard to tell them from the students.”

Salute to Dana Barrow

“Way to go to Ms. Dana Barrow for all the hard work she does for our livestock kids in Colquitt County! To some it may not seem like she does a lot but take a step back and watch and listen for a change!!! Keep keeping on Ms. Dana; you rock in our book!”

Gun control is all about controlling people

“More people are killed by blunt objects (clubs, hammers, tire irons, etc) than by people using long guns of ANY type. The focus on mass shootings and semiautomatic rifles is to promote leftist’s gun confiscation agenda allowing armed criminals to rule cities. Then leftists can dictate laws from their walled estates protected by armed security. Democrats just want more control.”

School doesn’t give zeroes

“The Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, MD, adopted a ‘No Zero Grading Policy’ telling teachers they can’t give students a “zero” grade even if students don’t do any work. Imagine that, students answer all questions wrong or refusing to test, by policy, must be given grades of 50%...what will those students learn? Democrats demand poorer education standards.”

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