Bush location

"President Bush can run the country just as well from his ranch as he can from Washington. Location doesn't matter."

Be a realist

"President Bush did not cause the hurricane to hit New Orleans nor did he cause the gas prices to rise so high. Be a realist, not a Democrat."

Alaskan oil

"Why is our Alaskan oil being shipped to Japan and other countries? This is a national security issue!"

Gas shortage

"Yes, there is a gasoline shortage. Demand is exceeding production and refineries are cutting back because they can't get the oil to produce gas. Who is to blame? No not Bush, no not big oil. Take a look in your rear view mirror. Recognize anyone?"

Quick thinking

"I want to say thanks to the man who had the quick thinking to get out of my way when I couldn't stop on Tallokas at 10th Street. You saved my life."

Count blessings

"People complaining about gas prices. Get over it. At least you have clean water to drink, food to eat and a place to live. Count your blessings and pray for the people in Mississippi."

Bush legacy

"The G.W. Bush Legacy: 1) Poverty rate increases 4th straight year. 2) National debt increases by 2 trillion dollars. 3) 14,000 dead and wounded Americans in Iraq. 4) Gas prices above $3.00 gal. 5) 4 million Americans with no health Ins. 6) 11 million illegal immigrants, more every day. How can we stand three more years of this administration?"


"America has sent billions in aid to other countries for disaster assistance. How much will we receive from Europe and Asia for Katrina ? Answer: $0.00."

Prom issue

"What difference does it make how old someone's prom date is or where they go to school? If you trying to get rid of the prom then do it. I think it's way out of control anyway with four and five hundred dollar dresses. Hummers and limo's. Get real."

Who helps us?

"The U.S. is always the first one there to help out the world, but where is the world to help out the U.S. during this Hurricane Disaster in New Orleans and Mississippi?"


" Calling for the death of two democratically elected presidents for being 'against democracy' (like the recent ranter did) is certainly undemocratic."


"We have a chance to be progressive. Why is there always some who don't want growth?"

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