The problem isn’t the schools, it’s the students

“The reason we have failing schools is because we have failing students who don’t care. They won’t take their earbuds out or get off their phone long enough to care.

“If you don’t believe me ask a high school teacher. Elementary school is stricter than high school and even have more work than high school.”

Knife analogy was pitiful

“The knife analogy was pitiful and probably meant to be serious which is REAL pitiful. You can’t argue with that kind of reasoning.”

Republicans: Do as I say, not as I do

“The ranter going on about ‘leftists’ (yawn) doesn’t realize that MANY Republicans also have ‘walled estates’ with armed security (like the buddies of your president).”

Not impressed with Democrat debates

“Saw the Democrat debates: Beto wants to be dictator, Joe’s not sure what he wants nor why he’s running, Warren wants to be Chief Indian, Bernie wants to give everything away for free, Castro wants to be taller; the other candidates just smile a lot. Trump won’t need a booster box like Democrats! I’d say Trump wins again!”

Ugly green trash cans

“All our streets are full of ugly green cans. What happened to them being put up after they were empty?

“The people that told us this should be put out of office for making our town look like a dump. Some have been on the street since being put out by the city over a year.”

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