Problem is the person, not the gun

“A man with multiple law enforcement run-ins, described by neighbors as ‘a violent, aggressive person,’ shows up at work enraged and gets fired. He then shoots it out with law enforcement, and dies in the shoot out...and guns are the problem? Seriously? We never address the gun problem because we refuse to address the gun issue: the person.”

No red flag law would have stopped mass shootings

“I’ve read several versions of Red Flag laws being considered. None would have stopped the Philly shooter, nor Dayton, El Paso, Gilroy, Aurora, etc. Not one current Red Flag law would have stopped ANY of Chicago’s 1,700 shootings this year. Tell me again, why we need these new Red Flag laws? Do we really need more law abiding citizen restrictions?”

To anti-Trumpers

“To anti-Trumpers: You want America made better but won’t support Trump’s making that happen. You demand change, but have no positive suggestions to make the country better. You demand action but have no actions in mind. So, exactly who’s the problem here? The President working to improve America or those demanding improvement but refusing to support those doing the improving?”

In response to ‘Rush who?’

“Rush who? He’s the man that taught me to fight fair, to understand nutrition, how to treat a woman, what family means, why I needed to make good decisions, who’s in charge of me. Those are things “Rush Who” is.

“Curious if that ‘Rush Who’ ever had a black kid sit at his dining room table or cared about me.”

Your way or no way?

“The rant, ‘...accepting daily lies. ...’ Perhaps somebody just won’t support Trump unless they voted for him. When the majority likes Trump and you don’t, well, you’ll just disagree with everything he does, regardless. Even things you actually like, you’ll still disagree just because you didn’t vote for him. Your way or no way? Rather like spoiled 6-year-olds, eh?”

Changing words to change behavior?

“The San Francisco Board of Supervisors changed the term ‘convicted felon’ to ‘returning resident’ or ‘justice involved person.’ Apparently, ‘convicted felon’ offended someone. Now, offenders control the language and behavior of others towards them. Crime victims were ignored in the new language; guess whose side the Board of Supervisors is on? These changes will come to Georgia soon too.”

Drugs, loud music getting worse in Funston

“Drug dealers and loud music is getting worse in Funston. The cars coming and going thru the night is getting terrible now and why on Earth do you have to play the music so loud at night. We have had enough.”

Honest Abe

“Where is honest Abe in America today? The Amazon forest is burning and our leader skip the G7 climate meeting. Trump and his administration lies about why he was not there. The South Ga. judge that blocked a policy to curtail water pollution is not acting on the interest of the people and land. What lie will be given?”

Hold school leaders accountable

“Why is this not being reported! According to the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Report CCHS received a grade of ‘D’ for the 2018/2019 school year. While spending $9,602 per student which is higher than the average for the state and our district! For this performance and violence people need to be held accountable! Superintendent, Principal and BOE!”

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