"Thankfully our troops overseas don't read The Observer's Rants. The incessant carping about our foreign policy would make them wonder just who they were fighting against and who they were standing up for. "

Race thing

"In regards to the New Orleans crisis. The only racist action I see is coming from the likes of so called civil right leaders Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson who live to stir up and make everything out to be a race thing!"

Be thankful

"I wish everyone would quit complaining about gas prices. Just be thankful you have a car to put gas in and go to work. There are people out there who have lost everything, have lived in a parking lot for five days, and had the same clothes on when they got into Norman Park. There are some that haven't heard from their loved ones. So stop complaining and thank God that you have a home, family and a job to go to."


"Recently a lady told me that her grandson is getting married and 'he is marrying a good Christian girl.' I have a son who is unmarried and I would be just as pleased if he married a good Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu girl. It has been my experience that many of the so-called 'good Christian girls' are neither good nor are they Christ-like and good Christian girls are therefore highly overrated."

His priorities

"It was far more important to George W. Bush to waste the lives of some two thousand Americans, billions of taxpayer dollars, thousands of Iraqi lives and the devastation of the sovereign country of Iraq in order to get rid of Saddam Hussein who was no threat whatsoever to the United States than it was to save the lives of helpless Americans trapped in homes, hospitals, nursing homes and God only knows where else in New Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

"Yes, my fundamentalist friends who supported Bush, he is truly a good Christian man!"

Barriers down

"Much of the destruction we have on our beaches is linked to the fact that developers have cut away the barrier forests and built right out into the water. Commercialization of our beaches has taken away all buffer zone that helps slow down and absorb inclement pressure. These barriers would not stop a hurricane but their natural structure impedes their corrosive nature."

Complain later

"I was going to complain out my road not being paved, but at least I have a road, a house and clothes on my back. My family is safe. I'll complain about my road later."

Laying blame

"There is nothing wrong with laying blame or 'pursuing accountability.' If people have been assigned and entrusted, then the failures must be addressed. That's just the way things are."

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