Failing schools, winning football

“Apparently Colquitt County Schools are failing, but no one is worried as long as they win football. Maybe it’s time to look at replacing the superintendent and anyone else overlooking the problems with someone that cares about education.”

Perhaps a dress code will help

“I hear a lot of complaints about the schools. Why don’t we start with something easy to move in the right direction. Implement a dress code for teachers. Polo type shirts, black, navy or khaki pants (no leggings) and identical ID tags worn at all times. Looks more professional and makes staff easy to recognize in an emergency. Look like professionals.”

Police do nothing about loud music

“I am very upset that the Moultrie Police can’t and won’t do anything about the loud music coming from cars in Moultrie. My grandparents are disturbed and can’t get any sleep. What is it going to take to get something done?”

‘Gunner’ needs a rest

“The paranoid “gunner” who thinks that the Democrats want everyone unarmed and controlled needs a nice long rest.

“Oh, using a mass shooting in Mexico as the lead in was weak and tacky.”

Friday’s rap song shouldn’t be played again

“A rap song was played at the game Friday night that should never be played at a school function again. That song was ‘WalkIt Talk It’ by Migos. I Googled the lyrics to be sure I heard right and yes I did. It contains words and phrases unsuitable for children.”

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