"The community should know that this is the 25th year that Dr. Harris has donated his time to the Packer football program."


"I cannot believe the gas gouging going on in Moultrie. One station went from 2.53, to 2.63, to 2.73 in three hours time. No truck had delivered gas there during that time. I cannot believe this."


"I want to praise the utility workers who come out in bad weather to address our power needs. May God bless you."

Dead chickens

"What happened to those 6,000 dead chickens. Where do you put them. Are they incinerated or buried?"

Gas prices

"With all these high gas prices, the word Democrat is sounding sweeter and sweeter."

Poster child

"Pat Robertson should be the Republicans' poster child. He epitomizes the Republican philosophy. If you don't agree with them, kill them."

In response

"If you don't like Dwain Walden's columns, then don't read them. He would give you the same advice."


"No Moultrie police officers have left to go to a larger state agency. No state agency has been hiring for the last 3 years. We're leaving and going to other local departments that pay more and have better benefits and higher officer morale."

Reasons vary

"In reference to the officers leaving the Moultrie Police Department: The reasons vary and most are due to the working conditions and officers are not leaving to take state jobs as the article reflects some have left and gone to smaller agencies or the same size agencies. Wake up Moultrie, the police officers need your help."


"We are victims of price gouging here in Moultrie. At least two gas stations jacked their gas prices 25 cents on Monday morning while the rest went up a dime."

Oil reserves

"What do you know. Bush decided he would get off his vacation and address our national disaster. He must have finished that book he was reading when the Towers came down in New York."


"Pat Robertson: The Bible is full of God's wrath, David, acting as God's hit man slew the giant Goliath, I doubt those who Pat Robertson helps would say they don't want the 700 Club sending the Operation Blessing trucks and planes to their aid. If you don't believe in God you won't believe there was a Goliath anyway."

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