Dumbing down

“I don't know if it is but it feels as if society as a whole in is the process of dumbing down. Sure would like to know how others feel about this."

In response

“I’m not a member of Mr. Walden’s breakfast club. I’m in a neighboring city and we have a little club like his. Needless to say, his columns are often a topic of discussion. Several of us are retired. Some have degrees while others don’t. Yet we have lots of discussions about the same things Dwain writes about. We look forward to his columns. Sometimes they even get talked about at church. Our preacher had a good chuckle over one recently. It had to do with hoping that God grades on the curve."

School money

“Teachers: let's send the BOE a message - don't go work in your rooms early. Our first day is Tuesday - show up Tuesday, then let's see what the schools look like at Open House! They won't give us our furlough days back, but are sitting on $8 million in the bank! Seems like they don't care about us!"

Damage control

“If I was on the hospital board, I would want to be doing some damage control right about now regarding all of these complaints on the billing department. Don’t pretend it isn’t happening. Otherwise you’re going to appear smug and arrogant."

Regular guy

“Mr. Walden, thanks for not being a ‘pundit.’ We get enough of that on a daily basis. Thanks for just being an ordinary guy writing about ordinary stuff. You help me keep coloring between the lines and laughing."


“Dwain, it is refreshing to read your ‘stuff’.  Thank you! You were obviously raised like we were and you have many of the same reflections, thoughts and insights!  TV has become a battlefield of STUPID.  Are there no comic writers left?  And whose mother ever told them, or let them think  the F word causes an inane statement to convert to ‘funny’?  The networks have run completely, as in TOTALLY,  out of material or ideas for material—and my Daddy Bill (gdaddy) thought golf was a waste of viewing pleasure?

"Anyway, have a wonderful day and keep on keeping on…you are always good for a laugh to start the morning!  So I’m counting on you to ward off a heart attack or stroke with laughter! I was raised in Wayne County but now live in Tifton."

Here's your sign

“To the guy who stands on the corner all evening with his pants down to his knees and a cell phone stuck in his ear ... you might as well hang a sign around your neck that says, ‘Drugs Are Us.’ So you’re the lookout, huh.

"Might want to try some camouflage buddy."

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