Rehab programs

“Why is there debate going on about having a nice rehab facility here? There has been no indication that there have been any problems in the community as a result. These people are seeking help for their addictions. They want their lives back. If you have been associated with anyone with these problems, then you can appreciate what they are up against.

"If you profess to be a Christian and are posing that having rehab facilities here is something wrong, then perhaps you should study more closely the teachings of Christ. No one is arguing that drug addicts made bad choices. But forgiveness and help are crucial to the progress of mankind whether one is a Christian or not."

Public meetings

“Again let me point out that County Commission, the School Board, City Council, the Development Authority, the Hospital Authority are all public boards and they come under the Georgia Sunshine laws, meaning that you have a right to be there — it’s a right, not a privilege. So if you want to question them, advise them or just watch them in action, you can do that."

iPads issue

“Why is it that the Special Education teachers are the only teachers who have not been issued iPads? Even the ESOL teachers were just given iPads to use. The Board approved buying about 30, I believe, for their use.

"Do you realize how many of these iPads are stuck in closets and never touched, or how many are simply "toys" for the teachers and their personal children? Special Education teachers could use iPads in many, many ways...interventions, independent repeated practice, motivation, progress monitoring, and documentation to name a few."

I agree

“I agree with the person on the conduct of our children's coaches . They are supposed to be teaching them through their actions and conduct, but has this person ever been to a CCHS football game and seen how the sideline coaches conduct themselves ? Where is the leadership ?"

In response

“To the person that complained about the Girls' soccer coach, you must have went to a different game than I attended. I have been to every game. This is a prime example of how the rant and rave can be used to present false information. Our coach is always very kind and considerate. My daughter plays and she comments how the coach encourages them no matter what the outcome. Shame on you for trying to hurt his reputation. What you said is just not true."


“You know, I don’t care what the Ukraine does. This is their business and not mine. If the majority of those people decide they want to be a part of Russia again, who are we to intervene? I think it’s time we opened up a can of ‘mind our own business.’ Of course I’m not running for office nor trying to keep one."

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