Sagging pants

“If the sagging pants thing started in prison, then maybe that’s poetic because people with such little self respect are likely headed that way."

Don't look

“I happen to be a female with tattoos and piercings and have a great job. It's self expression. If you don't like it, then don't look. Having tattoos and/or piercings does not affect my job in anyway so what's the big deal? Don't be so quick to judge a book by it's cover or better yet leave the judging to a higher power!"

Other deaths

“We have all heard or watched the Trayvon Martin Case unfold. Well I' am a student of the high school and this case aggravates me. At the high school we have had at least 4 or more deaths within one class. Suicides, murders, and accidental. Their deaths are not being broadcast on national television as an ‘American tragedy’ when they are all an American tragedy!

"I do not see the difference between his death and my fellow classmates. They were all human beings all young adults, and they all never got to experience a full life. So why should my classmates’ deaths be ignored when another young adult’s death is being paraded around as if he was a politician?"


“I guess people can't understand where Mr. Driver is coming from, if they cannot see from the perspective of someone who works hard and can't get anything, opposed to someone who doesn't work nor wants to, who can get what they want. I think a wide majority agree with you Mr. Driver, keep it up!"

Need data

“There’s obviously a lot of misinformation out there about welfare. I would like for that agency in charge to give us some details on how much, what type and who qualifies. ‘They say’ can often distort an issue and we need a clearer understanding."

Your figures

“I sure would like to know where Mr. Comparison was buying his gas at under $2.00 a gallon the last 2 yrs Bush was in office. What I remember is that it was going over $3.00 and Perdue stopped the sales tax on gas so it would keep gas prices under $2.00. It has not been under $2.00 since Clinton was in office. Newt is the one saying it was $1.86 when Bush was in office. Newt was probably buying his fuel wholesale anyway and not paying tax."


“So, if a government employee steals $20,000 dollars, they are let out on their own recognizance, but if a normal citizen does it, they get thrown under the jail.

"This shows you how corrupt government is on a local scale, just imagine the corruption on a state or federal scale.

"You don't see politicians get thrown in jail for theft of millions of taxpayer dollars.

"I guess I'm in the wrong business."

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